What is Colour Analysis? 

Colour analysis is the process of determining what colours suit you best.  Based on your eye, skin and hair we discover your colour palette and key colour principles.  

How does it work? 

Your unique skin, hair and eye colour determine your colour palette.  Through accessing these we identify if you are Cool. Warm, Light, Clear, Soft or Deep.  Then through looking at a series of coloured fabrics we can discover your wow colours. The system I use is not the 4 season system it is the Tonal System. 

What if I already know which colour palette I want to be? 
If you have a strong desire to wear certain colours or want to be a set colour palette, then I would say colour analysis might not be for you. Go head and wear the colours you want to wear and enjoy them. If you are looking for advice on which colours make the most of your natural features and bring out your glow and willing to be surprised. Colour analysis is for you! 

How much does a colour consultation cost? 

Starting from £100 for a duo or Trio or £120 for a 1-2-1 session.  (It’s £25 more if you would like a Saturday session) There are other services available in the colour styling collection which can be found here for a more detailed look.

Colour Styling

How do I book? 

You can book by buying a session online and then I’ll contact you via email to arrange a date/time that suits you. Click this link to select the colour consultation package you would like. 


Alternatively you can email me at by clicking this click and arrange a date/time for your session. You can just pay on the day this way. 


Which system do you use? 

I trained with Colour me Beautiful who are the originators of colour analysis and brought it to the UK over 40 years ago.  They developed the four season system, however they have redesigned this in recent years and now offer 6 different dominant colour palettes.  Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Clear & Soft.  This is known as “Tonal Colour Analysis”.  As with any profession, the system has evolved over time and even if you have had colour analysis before you might find you now have a different colour palette.

Do you also look at makeup? 

Your colour consultation includes a full review of your makeup.  We discover your best colours in make up and how you apply them to make the most of your features.  I also go through your own makeup bag to identify if you're currently using the right shades or not.  Where possible we try to use your own makeup, better for the environment and the purse!

Can you give advice on my hair colour? 

Absolutely!  This is a really important part of colour analysis as it's the colours we wear closest to the face which are the most important.  Your hair colour has a massive impact on your glow!  I'll give advice on if your hair colour harmonises with you or if you need a change hair colour or to go natural.  Included in your session are some hair inspiration within your colour palette to help if you want to go for a change.

Can I still wear black? 

Although not all the colour palettes have black in them, you can still wear black.  If you don't get black in your colours, we talk about how you can still wear it, but in a more flattering way.

What do I get to take home? 

You will leave with all the knowledge you need to help you start wearing your most beautiful colours in clothes, hair and makeup.  You will receive a 32 piece fabric colour palette to take home, which includes all the colours we will have looked at in your colour consultation.  You will also receive a makeup guide so you can recreate your look at home.  Also included, mini mood boards and photographs from your session to show you your wow colours.

Where do the sessions take place? 

The Colour consultations take place at my home in Holmfirth.  We need daylight so the sessions need to take place during the day, depending on the time of year.

Can I have it done in my own home? 

This is not a problem if you are local to Holmfirth and have a space with excellent natural daylight.  Get in touch and we can discuss it further.

Get in touch

How long does it take? 

A 1-2-1 session is 2 hours  and duo and trio sessions are approx 1.5hours per person.

Can I bring a friend? 

Yes it's not a problem if you would like to bring a friend to watch, but they won't find out their own colours.

What if I need to cancel?

I understand that life, sickness and stuff happens!  Please just give as much notice as possible and we can rearrange your consultation.

What if I don't like my colours?

Although sometimes your colours might be a surprise, they will always be colours you fall in love with.  Colour analysis is not about me reaffirming the colours you are already wearing.  It's about showing you your most flattering colours and how to wear them.  Sometimes it takes a little while to get used to the change but you will find you are drawn to to your wow colours once you have seen what they can do for you.

Does your colour palette last a lifetime?

Your colour palette will stay true until you change your hair colour.  Either you go back to your natural colour or you decide to dye it.  It is however possible that even by going grey or white you can remain in the same colour palette.  Often our skin and eye colour can fade with age, this too can have an impact on you colour palette.  If you think the colours of your features have changed, or it's a long time since you last had your colours done, get in touch.  You could be surprised that your wow colours have changed!


Do you take photos for social media? 
Although I do take some photos of you before and after, these are for you. Unless you give me permission, your photos will not be shared on social media. They are sent to you following your consultation as a reminder of your wow colours and your make up. They are deleted afterwards inline with my privacy policy. 

Do you offer make colour analysis

Sorry but I’m not trained in male colour analysis. I don’t offer this service at the moment. 


Do I get information on neutrals? 

Each colour palette has its own neutral palette which compliments your fashion colours and makes outfit building easier.  Even just learning you best neutral palette through colour analysis can have a big impact on how we dress and outfit building.